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Posted by strings (Al)
2nd Feb 2013 10:11PM

No Title
Hey Crimaloos How,s Things At Camp Criminal. Had Any Interest From Fellow Safe Crackers. Where Are Those OCD "vorsprung Durch Teknik" Skin Bashers When You Need Em...ACHTUNG MEIN HERR !!! :)
Posted by Stix
19th Aug 2011 6:25PM
We Getting Quite A Few Inquiries Now And Are Holding Autitions Next Week Dude How Is It Going Get Intouch On Facebook Man
Posted by stu
24th Aug 2011 2:10PM

The Second Best Band With Those Worthy Initials. "TSC, The Band That Likes To Say Yes".
Posted by TSC (James Sharp)
11th Nov 2009 8:46AM
Hey James! So Who's The Other TSC? I've Been Racking My Brains To No Avail.
Posted by strings (Al)
12th Nov 2009 12:01AM

Weller's 2nd Band?
Posted by TSC
12th Nov 2009 8:37AM

Bloody Hell Yea
Posted by strings (Al)
12th Nov 2009 11:06AM

Hey Nobead
Love The Site Pity You Are On It Xxxx
Posted by paulahelena (Paula)
26th Sep 2009 11:36AM
Hey Hun Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Xx
Posted by Stix
26th Sep 2009 7:59PM

Hey Hun Welcome To The Pleasure Dome Xx
Posted by Stix
26th Sep 2009 7:59PM

Echo "nice"
Posted by stu
27th Sep 2009 8:22AM

Very Impressive Site!xx
Posted by paulahelena
27th Sep 2009 9:25PM

Hi Al
Signed Up Not A Lot Of Time Will Follow This Up Later, E-mail My Sister And Get Her To Sign Up She's Away For Next Few Days
Posted by Thecousin
2nd Aug 2009 7:11PM

Hi Gary!!!
Hey Gary! It's Great To See You Beeing In A Great Band Again! Hope You Guys Are Doing Well. Love & Peace Theo
Posted by theof (Theo)
24th Jul 2009 10:35AM

Hey.....great Homepage, Great Songs And I Love Stu`s Shirts :) Cheers From Germany!!
Posted by mauli (Daniel)
15th Jul 2009 3:33PM

Done It !!
Hey Guys I've Arrived And Not Before Time. Love The Site..mmmm The Drummers Quite Cute :Ž)
Posted by Gazlaa58
14th Jul 2009 10:54PM

Hi Gaz Thanks For Inviting Me To Ur Site - U Better Keep An Eye On Him U Lot - He'll Get U In Trouble!!! ;)
Posted by lincolnimp (Jill)
4th Jul 2009 1:45PM

LOVE THE WEB SITE...... So Coooooooooool!!
Hey Gazlaaaaaaaaaaa Man ~ The Web Page Is Brilliant ~ Loved The Intro. Too. Hope It's All Going Brilliantly. Speak Soon. Love GG Xx
Posted by gailebennett (Gaile)
19th Jun 2009 9:13PM

The Sound Criminals RULE!
Hi Guys, Hi Gerd... Love It! Canīt Wait To Hear More Songs! Love The Green Drums And The Vox Ac-30 As Well! Canīt Wait To See You Again Gary!!! Love, CLAUS
Posted by cg301 (Claus Grabke)
14th Jun 2009 9:55PM
Yo M'man,thanx For Joining.So Glad You Like The Stuff.As You Know Its Prac Prac Prac Till Blood Is Spilt.Yes The Drums Are Orgasmic.See You Soon..love Gerd Xxxx
Posted by Stix (Gary)
15th Jun 2009 3:06PM

Great Songs!!
Hello Everybody!!! Great Songs And Great Homepage!!! Greetings From Good Old Germany!! Xxx
Posted by Nic (Nicole)
10th Jun 2009 3:26PM
Hello Nicole - Willkommen! :)
Posted by strings (Al)
11th Jun 2009 3:09PM

Hi All
Just A Quick Hello
Posted by stu
10th Jun 2009 12:20PM

Greets To Everyone !
Hi To All Who Care To Leave A Comment...!
Posted by Stix (Gary)
10th Jun 2009 12:19PM

Welcome To The Sound Criminals Guest Book!
Hey Welcome To Our Guest Book. Feel Free To Post A Message!
Posted by strings (Al)
10th Jun 2009 10:21AM

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