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Guitarist breaks finger during alien abduction 8 June 2010
Strings, AKA Al, has damaged his left ring finger which is every (right handed) guitarist's worse nightmare!
The top tendon (which extends the finger) has broken away from the finger tip bone, and taken a bit of bone with it. A condition known as 'mallet finger'.

The finger (affectionately known as Marline by the band) was injured, it is believed, when it's appendage (affectionately known as Al by the band) became entangled in his own legs and 'fell' victim to gravity. The Sound Criminals' guitarist was at the Volksfest festival at the time. He claims, "It was late on the Friday night, I was as sober as a judge, and was finding my way to my tent when suddenly I was abducted by aliens. They were very friendly aliens, and one of them gave me a go on his grace (alien hover board).
I managed to climb to an altitude of about 3 inches before the grace spiraled out of control and I was dis-graced and fell to the ground. By the time I got back to my feet the aliens had gone, and taken the grace with them. It wasn't until the next morning that I became aware that Marline was poorly."

The TSC web site's roving reporter believes that large quantities of alcohol, and perhaps other substances may have been involved in the guitarists 'fall from grace'! Either way, he (and Marline) now face a long period of treatment and recovery that could render the guitarist useless for months (nothing new there then ED), although he still claims he can play minor bar chords, though admits that would require writing some new, melancholy songs. We wish Marline a swift recovery!

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