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Great times at The Dolphin 18 October 2014
The Sound Criminals had great fun performing their unruly brand of musical tunes at The Dolphin Inn last night. Thanks to all those who came along and helped make it a whole load of fun. We will be back at The Dolphin Inn again in December, and next door in the Yacht Club on New Year\'s Eve. See you there!

Back Together Again 13 November 2013
The Sound Criminals have been away for a couple of years, but are now back together again! We are back to rehearsing regularly and it\'s sounding good. We hope to be gigging again soon so watch this space!

TSC Latest 3 September 2012
The Sound Criminals may not have been gigging recently, but we have been quite busy recording new songs and taking on a new bass player. Clive has joined the band on bass!

The Sound Criminals should be back in gigging action this coming winter. We have been slightly delayed by Stu's hospitalisation after receiving gunshot wounds to his head after he set up an illegal poker den and had a small disagreement with someone. He's now come round to thinking that online poker is far safer and less detrimental on the band!

Keep an ear out for new TSC songs soon!

Gaz de man is back 24 December 2011
After another stint doing time at her majesty's pleasure, Gaz the hit man is back with us, and The Sound Criminals are reunited and ready to rock once more.

Drummer Wanted - Plymouth 13 June 2011
We are looking for a creative and imaginative drummer to join us full time. Must have own kit, transport, time and commitment for rehearsing, gigging and recording. Please see Drummer Wanted page for more info.

Swan Gig Review 28 April 2011
Thank you so much for playing with us last week absolutely brilliant. As you are a local band to us at The Swan Inn Noss Mayo we will certainly be booking you again. Your music was original, foot stomping and lively. We wish you all the best with future bookings and will recommend you to other venues. Swan Inn Noss Mayo Plymouth

Gig at The Swan Inn - Noss Mayo 27th May 2011 27 April 2011
We will be performing at the Swan in Noss Mayo on 27th May. Be there for around 7.30pm. This time we'll be playing inside the pub, and hopefully airring some of our new songs for the first time.

Also add Sunday 5th June to your diary as we will be playing at The Big Lunch event at Noss Green (lunch time). The Big Lunch is a worth while community thing which we will be supporting, and hope you will too! Check it out here.

On The Bass - A New Sound Criminal 23 August 2010

The Sound Criminals now have a full line up once again thanks to the addition of Kate, their new bass player who joined last month. Kate joins the band following a successful breakout from Holloway where she was serving a long stretch for her involvement in the Faberge Easter Egg robbery, during which she single handedly out witted every security measure with her combination of agility, gymnastic prowess and explosives knowledge. She explains, "Getting caught was all part of the plan once the goods were in safe hands. I never had any doubts that The Sound Criminals would turn up as planned and successfully break me out of that dump. I'm really happy to be a Sound Criminal now and am excited about the many audio crimes that we will be committing together in the future. But hey, if anyone thinks that I'll take any grief from these ******* they can think again!"

Mean while the boys - Stu, Gaz and Al, say they are delighted to have such an accomplished criminal musician joining them. Our US(eless) correspondent, Hue Dunnit caught up with the band at their studio.

Hue: "So it must be great to have a complete band again. How long do you think it will be before you'll be gigging again?"

Stu: "I wa...."

Al: "Kate, this is Hue the reporter bloke we told you about. Hue this is Kate."

Hue: "Hello Kate."

Gaz: "Hello... oh sorry."

Kate: "Hi."

Hue: "A couple of months maybe? Till you get back to...."

Kate: "When these guys have learnt all the songs and not a moment sooner!"

Hue: "er er er ok urr thanks um Kate. So urr Kate..."

Kate: "Yea what?"

Hue: "Urrr ummm I was just wondering what you make of these guys now that you've had time to get to know them a bit?"

Kate: "Mincemeat!"

Hue: "urr what?"

Kate: "Mincemeat. That's what I'll make of them once I've got to know them a bit more!"

Al: "I wonder what an ostrich thinks about."

Gaz: "When it has it's head buried in the sand?"

Al: "No just in general."

Stu: "I wan......"

Hue: "Um so guys a question from your fans now. Do you think having a female band member will change you in any way?"

Gaz: "Absolutely not. Why would it?"

Al: "Oh **** I've broken a ******* finger nail!"

Stu: "I want...."

Kate: "Of course it will change them. I'll toughen them up. They're a bunch of wimps!"

Hue: "So how is the recording going? Have you had a chance to work on your album recently?"

Stu: "I want my...."

Kate: "No comment."

Al: "Well it's ..."

Kate: "No comment!!!"

Gaz: "Al she said no comment. Best if you just leave it there really."

Hue: "Oh is that the time? OK thanks for the interview. Nice to meet you Kate. Looks urr li li like you've got the g g guys umm under control."

Stu: "I want my bit in!"

Al: "Oh god."

Gaz: "'ere we go."

Kate: "Grrrrr."

Hue: "Oh ok sorry Stu what was your bit? What did you want to say?"

Stu: "I forgotten now."

Kate: "Hue cough now."

Hue: "Cough?"

Kate: "Yes **** off!"

But seriously, Gaz, Stu and Al are really chuffed to have Kate join them. Not only is she a great bass player, but she's also one of us through and through. We're all looking forward to getting back to gigging as soon as possible. Welcome to The Sound Criminals Kate!

TSC Has A New Bass Player 27 July 2010
We have a new bass player joining our lineup. Details will be announced here soon!

Guitarist breaks finger during alien abduction 8 June 2010
Strings, AKA Al, has damaged his left ring finger which is every (right handed) guitarist's worse nightmare!
The top tendon (which extends the finger) has broken away from the finger tip bone, and taken a bit of bone with it. A condition known as 'mallet finger'.

The finger (affectionately known as Marline by the band) was injured, it is believed, when it's appendage (affectionately known as Al by the band) became entangled in his own legs and 'fell' victim to gravity. The Sound Criminals' guitarist was at the Volksfest festival at the time. He claims, "It was late on the Friday night, I was as sober as a judge, and was finding my way to my tent when suddenly I was abducted by aliens. They were very friendly aliens, and one of them gave me a go on his grace (alien hover board).
I managed to climb to an altitude of about 3 inches before the grace spiraled out of control and I was dis-graced and fell to the ground. By the time I got back to my feet the aliens had gone, and taken the grace with them. It wasn't until the next morning that I became aware that Marline was poorly."

The TSC web site's roving reporter believes that large quantities of alcohol, and perhaps other substances may have been involved in the guitarists 'fall from grace'! Either way, he (and Marline) now face a long period of treatment and recovery that could render the guitarist useless for months (nothing new there then ED), although he still claims he can play minor bar chords, though admits that would require writing some new, melancholy songs. We wish Marline a swift recovery!

Bass Player Wanted 14 May 2010
The Sound Criminals are now looking for an imaginative bass player in Plymouth, Devon. TSC are an original band, and are not looking for a typical Plymouth bass player who can only cope with covers, blues, funk or heavy metal! You should have a good ear, and be able to create new, exciting and original bass parts. You should be dedicated and have time to rehearse and or record twice a week. Contact us if you are interested.

Return To The Scene Of The Crime 4 May 2010
Gazla TSC are pleased to announce the return of their drummer Gary, who had left, but just couldn't stay away. Welcome back Gazla!

TSC On Last.FM 17 April 2010
The Sound Criminals are now on last.fm. We've uploaded some of our recent recordings to the well known internet radio site, but we're still not quite sure how it works. It seems it takes a while to get approved! Check it out and you'll find a couple of our tracks available as free downloads!

Studio build almost complete 20 March 2010
Our studio is all but built! We have already been busy recording rehearsals live, and a couple studio demos, even though we haven't yet got the windows in, acoustic treatment or a comfy chair for the engineer's bottom. You can take a listen to some recordings here, or better still, click that big green button on the left to hear a random selection.

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